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Clouds and their Climatic Impacts: Radiation, Circulation, and Precipitation

Over the past three and a half years, I have been organizing an AGU / Wiley Geophysical Monograph on clouds and climate, along with Corinna Hoose. We have assembled a great group of authors and structured the contents around themes on radiation, circulation, and precipitation. The volume should appear in the latter half of 2023. We are working through final copyediting now.

Monograph table of contents

The introductory chapter presents analyses of the scientific literautre on clouds and climate (“science of science”) and is available on Essoar: Science of cloud and climate science: An analysis of the literature over the past 50 years

Hydrological studies

I have been lucky to work with Dr. Jiabo Yin and others at Wuhan University on several hydrological studies, discussing the intensification of runoff, drought, and flooding both globally and in China.

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J. Yin, P. Gentine, S. Zhou, S. C. Sullivan, R. Wang, Y. Zhang, and S. Guo. Large increase in storm runoff extremes under anthropogenic changes (2018). Nature Comm. 9: 4389.