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We are broadly interested in scale interactions in the atmosphere and how best to represent these in weather and climate models in order to build resilience in water-susceptible regions. At the moment, we are focused on mesoscale convective systems as a specific instance of this atmospheric scale problem. Mesoscale convective systems are aggregations of thunderstorms that extend over hundreds of kilometers and bring the majority of extreme rainfall throughout the tropics. Their intermediate size in the spectrum of atmospheric phenomena means that they are influenced by both the smallest scales (like ice crystal or droplet formation, called cloud microphysics) and the largest scales (via circulation patterns like the Hadley cell). We are working to understand the smallest scales through benchtop experimentation and idealized parcel modeling and the largest scales through high-resolution storm-resolving simulations.

Clouds and their Climatic Impacts

Sylvia led the editing of a new volume now available through AGU Geophysical Monographs on Clouds and their Climatic Impacts. It is available through Wiley, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. A short piece was published on it here by Editors’ Vox blog at AGU.

Latest News

13 December 2023 Edgardo and Thabo are presenting at the 2023 annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco!
6 December 2023 Sylvia is visiting Lund University for a seminar and thesis defense.
3 October 2023 We were featured in the UofA’s Information Technology news.
1 October 2023 We have been awarded funding from the NCAR Collaborative Opportunity for Research Engagement (overviews here and here).
1 August 2023 Welcome to Juliana Mejía, our newest member!
6 July 2023 Edgardo is visiting our collaborators in Karlsruhe and will travel to the IUGG conference in Berlin next week.
31 May 2023 Our newest member, Juliana Mejía, was awarded the George and Dixie Shirley Graduate Fellowship for environmental engineers.
15 May 2023 We are welcoming Tanmay Agrawal to our group to work on visualization of atmospheric model output.
14 May 2023 Sylvia’s article on cloud-radiative heating over the North Atlantic was accepted in Geoscientific Model Developments.
27 April 2023 Sylvia visited the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory in Princeton for a seminar on cloud-radiative heating rates.
15 March 2023 Edgardo and Thabo’s abstracts have been accepted to the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics in Berlin this summer.
10 Nov 2022 We received $13K of funding from UA Research, Impact, and Innovation to facilitate collaboration with those at KIT in 2023.
20 Oct 2022 Sylvia’s article on trajectory tracking of ice clouds and their radiative heating was accepted in Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems.
15 Sept 2022 Linda Engelman is joining the group as our first undergraduate researcher!
30 Aug 2022 Congratulations to Edgardo on receiving a Herbold fellowship from the UA College of Engineering.
22 Aug 2022 We are welcoming Thabo Makgoale and Edgardo Sepúlveda to Tucson, AZ and to the group!